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Ra-Hoor-Khuit Empowerment Weekend

Friday, June 25, 7:30pm to Sunday June 27th, 6pm

You are invited to this special opportunity to take empowerment and receive instruction in the Mahayoga Tantra Invocation of Ra-Hoor-Khuit, from the book Tantric Thelema by Sam Webster.

Friday night will be dedicated to the preliminary practices, Saturday to the worshipful invocation In-Front, and Sunday to the Empowerment, teaching on the Arising-As form and a Feast to close. . .


Poet, Golden Dawn Adept, feminist. Whenever possible, I prefer the practical approach.

A beginner of Tantric Thelema

I'm just getting situated here. I'm not really sure what to put quite yet, so My name is Chris, I live in the Los Angeles area, I recently bought Tantric Thelema and I love it! and have been practicing refuge, bodhicitta, and dedicating merit now for about week or two along with my other practices, and I was very fortunate to attend the Tantric Invocation of Hermes this past weekend at PantheaCon. Also, thanks for signing my book Mr Webster!

That's all folks! The Thankas are sold out. . .

Thanks to everyone who bought the Ra-Hoor-Khuit Thankas! This beautiful work of art has been very well received, so much so that she has sold out. While the design was mine, the credit goes to Kat Lunoe for her wonderful painting skills. Please visit her website for more of her work:


Last Five RHK Thankas!

All good things must come to an end and our very popular Ra Hoor Khuit Thankas are almost sold out. There are only five more left in stock.

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All of of Kat Lunoe's Ra-Hoor-Khuit Thankas have sold out but, as printers do, there were a fair number of prints where the color on the lower edge of the border did not get enough ink coverage to sell as first quality. The primary image, however still looks great!. So that means we'll sell them to you at a discount.

I know you will like them!

A Thesis on the Portal

The Inner Value of Tea – A Thesis on The Golden Dawn

First Letter for the contact with the Master

This Letter was sent to S.W.

The 'Arising As' Ritual Script is posted

As promised, albeit delayed, the Arising As version of the Invocation of Ra-Hoor-Khuit is now available for registered members of the website. This is the core practice of the method and is best suited for those who have been properly introduced to the Deity and the practice, or who have done the work, especially with the In-Front version, to create connection with Ra-Hoor-Khuit.

Follow the "Related Content" links to find and download the PDF file.

I wish you all Success,
sam webster