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The 'In Front' Ritual Script Posted

An update because I'm still learning (I put the file in the wrong place).

As promised, the first of many ritual scripts to make the work easier has been posted on this site. Please log-in and click on the Tantric Thelema book to see "Related Content" in the upper right. There, follow the link for the "In Front" Ritual Script!

The Four Immeasurables of Thelema

In Liber CL (de lege libellum), Uncle Al riffs on Light, Life, Love & Liberty in relation to Thelema. He calls them the "rays" or "emanations of the law" of Thelema. During my first introduction to the Four Immeasurables it occured to me that we have a useful congruence here:

Love = Loving Kindness

Light [in Extension] = Compassion, because the "light hath healing in its wings."

Life = Joy, because "existence is pure joy."

Liberty = Equanimity, because freedom, or liberty, is the result of equanimity.

PantheaCon Release a Sold-out Success!

Thank you to everyone who came to our release ritual and reception at PantheaCon 2010. We were overwhelmed with the attention, the ritual was packed and raised great energy. By handing out ritual scripts everyone was able to participate and join in the blessing that sent this rite out into the world at large. At the end of the Con, all the copies we brought were sold out. Thank you for making this such a success!

Please come visit the site regularly and

Release Date

Today, Imbolc, February 2nd 2010,
Concrescent Press is proud to release our first book:

Tantric Thelema
& The Invocation of Ra-Hoor-Khuit
in the manner of the Buddhist Mahayoga Tantras

This date was selected by the author, Sam Webster, M.Div., Mage, who dedicated the book to his late wife, Tara. It would have been

Hot Off the Press

Hi! I'm starting this Blog for building out the Concrescent Press site. Here we go!

I'll post news as the site is updated and our new publications move through production.