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Hi! I'm starting this Blog for building out the Concrescent Press site. Here we go!

I'll post news as the site is updated and our new publications move through production.


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Note the notices? Sorry!

Sorry about the flurry of nonsensical notices.

As you may have noticed, the format of notifications was a bit rough. I was attempting to trigger a notice so I could edit it and ran afoul of my ignorance. The notice that points to this blog entry should be better formatted.

Ever trying to provide a better experience,

New book

Great to see the release of your first book Sam. Looks like it will be a fascinating read. Love the cover!! Great title too :-) I will notify Isis-Hathor Lodge members of its release and direct them to this site. Regards in LVX-NOX Liza

Orders coming in!

Thanks to you all who have placed orders. The first set will go out today and there after on an at least weekly basis. I'm still working out international postage, so stay tuned.

And thank you for your interest in the special edition of the book. There will only be 31 blue cloth hardcover and full color dust jacketed copies made. It will be available in about a week on a first come, first served basis while supplies last through the website. If you have written me directly I have added you to the queue.

The cost for the special edition is $43 USD, and the international postage looks like it will be between $10 and $15 USD.

Special Edition

I'd like to get a copy of the special edition as well.

The First Print has arrived!

The first 50 copies of the first edition paperback, arrived today.

I am happy to fulfill any orders that come in immediately but the formal release date will be Imbolc, February 2nd, 2010, which would have been the 20th anniversary of our wedding, had my wife, Tara, survived.

The book is dedicated to her and the text was composed with her as its audience. She makes a few comments as the book goes on. Since in many ways she taught me to write, it is a fitting memorial.

Also, today the special hardcover edition was ordered. There will be 31 signed and numbered copies in this edition. The proof looks excellent.

And so it begins. . .

So exciting! I look forward

So exciting! I look forward to sharing in and benefiting from this work of love you've created. Also, how should we order the special hardcover edition? Will you let us know when they're available? (31? Naturally!) Thanks be, my brother. Heru G:.S:.

Special edition ordering

Write me at and tell me you want one and if you wish, which number copy you want.

Transaction process complete

Finally we are in business. The shipping charges have been worked out, at least per book. More complexity will be handled later. Downloadable file pages are properly configured. Just log in to access them. More content coming soon! )O+ s

I'm so pleased. The site

I'm so pleased. The site looks wonderful.

The Site is really live!

The site is really live!
As of today we can process transactions through Pay Pal! The shipping charges are still wonky, but once the book arrives (50 copies on order), I can work out the shipping in detail.

Also, the ability to make files like scripts and graphics and let folks comment on them has been established.

Just a few more tweeks to go and we are ready for release!

Proof arrived

Today the proof for the book arrived. It looks great. I'll look at it over the weekend and if all is well, submit the print order on Monday.


First Book

Our first book, Tantric Thelema, is now properly listed, with cover and descriptive text. I still need to find ways of attaching the free image file and the ritual scripts to this listing. Soon! Meanwhile the Kat's great image is in an image gallery.

Next, however is to complete the transaction cycle. Paypal first, the direct bank CC processing!

Nice Post...

The monks begin by consecrating the site of the mandala sand painting with approximately 30 minutes of chants, music, and mantra recitation. This event is visually and acoustically striking, and draws large audiences and enormous media attention. Throughout its creation, the monks pour millions of grains of sand from traditional metal funnels called chakpur. The finished mandala is approximately five feet by five feet in size, and takes three to five days of work.

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