the union of practice and scholarship

First Letter for the contact with the Master

Printer-friendly versionThis Letter was sent to S.W. the 8 August 2010 and it was the beginning of the contact. Very Honoured Master, first of all, allow me to express my hope that this letter would be able to demonstrate its origin, that is from Nothing. After this, according to the aim to express the thought inside, please forgive me the imperfection of my language, and allow me to go beyond the shape, entering into the effectiveness of the substance in Shunyata. Arising As, "I'm none other than Ra-Hoor-Khuit". “May the benefit of this act, and all acts, be dedicated unto the Complete Liberation and the Supreme Enlightenment of all beings, everywhere, pervading space and time, so mote it be. May the benefits of practice, ours and others, come to fruition, ultimately and immediately, and we remain in a state of presence.” July, the 29 I was in Cefalù, at the Home of Thelema. With the presence and the assistance of the Simhavaktra Dakini (S.W. Soror A.L.A.), we performed Mahayogatantra Invocation This was simply perfect. A voice, coming from inside [the ultimate mind], started to ask for Empowerment and Uniting with the Teacher. These words are to serve you. Not to bend the knee, but to balance the energy and taking refuge into a relationship as initiatory lineage. As you state in the 2002 Manifesto of the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn, the process of making the sources of knowledge accessible to anyone is the main task of our time. You wrote: In open source mentality, Enlightenment is not as special privilege of predestinated, but it is the goal for each man and for each woman. It is something that, in the right condition, each person can join. I firmly believe in this approach. This is the New Aeon: that every man and every woman is a Star, and has a 'True' Will in life, one that can be discovered by the invocation of the Higher Genius found in us all. Once having discovered one's 'True' Will, then one has no right but to do that Will. That Love is the Law, and Love under 'True' Will is Perfect Love. [Let me note that I'm already a member of this Order, and I've been working with Liza Lewelyn (Soror Sapientia Dei / S’maa Daui), Praemonstrator of Isis-Hathor Lodge, No. 3 in the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn - Manchester, England, UK. Myself, and Soror A.L.A., we live in Sicily, not far from the Cefalù Abbey and very close to the Etna volcano]. Please receive this letter as the statement of the work we are doing inside the lineage. Hoping to meet the Guru and to stay in your presence and continually receiving teaching. Abrahadabra “All is pure and present, and has always been so. To this realization I commit myself - Pure and Total presence." With All Respect and Regard Sincerely, Davide Crimi [Fr. Verbum est LVX, 4=7 in the O:S:O:G:D:]
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